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The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991 establishes broad measures to eliminate discrimination and ensure equal opportunities for disabled persons. Public accommodation is a key aspect of this law. Businesses are required to accommodate sight-impaired persons with specialized signage. Signs that identify a permanent space, such as a rest room, stairwell or elevator must include raised lettering and braille components. Signs that give directions to or provide information about a permanent space do not require tactile components, however they must meet specific guidelines regarding letter height, type style and color contrast factors. Only the permanent aspect of a space needs tactile signage. For instance, an office number must be tactile while the name of the occupant can be conventional lettering. That's because the room number is permanent but the occupant may change over time. The ADA also provides specific guidelines regarding the placement of regulated signage.
Signs Now provides tactile and braille signage that compliment the Americans with Disabilities Act. Signs Now does not, however, provide legal interpretations of the act nor make any representations regarding compliance issues. We advise all clients to seek independent legal counsel of these matters.

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Custom Solutions

We offer custom ADA signage with braille with raised or engraved letters. Turn around time for custom braille signs is generally between 4 to 6 weeks. Other ADA Signage such as Handicap Parking Signs have a faster turn around time

Product Modifiers

Sign Material (plastic is most common)

Size + Colors + Quantity

Holes in Corners, Wall Bracket or Tape on back.

File Formats

ADA Signage requires Vector Artwork, however in most cases we can create vector ADA compliant layouts here in-house.

Guide to Professional Sign Making Methods

digital print

cut vinyl

custom solutions

laser engraving